About the project

What do we really know about what it is like to be a student, and what creates good student lives?

Through traditional surveys such as the Student Health and Well-being Survey (SHoT), we have a good knowledge of how many of our students are struggling. What we know less about, however, is what it is that makes them feel good, thrive, feel successfull and experience a meaningful life. Therefore, in order for us to be able to prevent mental health challenges and strengthen student health, it is important to gain knowledge about more than just problems and symptoms - we must start talking to students about their everyday lives! This is why we call it a data collector instead of a survey.

Experience is meant to be shared, and students are experts of their own lives. In My Experience will expand knowledge about students and mental health by asking students about their experiences. Through the IME collection, we turn our attention to the qualitative stories and experiences. This will give us more knowledge about what it takes to create good student lives.

Together we'll create the Nordic region's best city to study in!

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