Privacy and data management

The purpose of the data collection done in connection with the project In My Experience, is to learn more about factors that affect students' quality of life. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, the project seeks to learn more about these factors using the respondents' perspectives, understanding and unique insights in their own context. The insight and knowledge the data material provides at the system level is used as a basis for the development of measures that support increased quality of life for various student groups.

Anonymous data
The data collection that takes place via the online data collection solution, SenseMaker®, is exclusively made out of anonymous data. This means that no form of personal data is requested that can directly or indirectly identify respondents in the data collector. Examples of personal information are name, e-mail address, IP address, geo-data etc. The solution used in this project is configured so that under no circumstances are any links between respondents' answers in the collector and personal information such as e-mail, IP address, geo-data etc.

What happens if a contribution includes personal information about the participant or others? 

Before the data from the data collector is made available in line with the project's planned activities, the material will be checked and reviewed to ensure anonymity. Answers in the data collector where personal information is included in the free text field, intentionally or accidentally, will be deleted completely from the data material.

Access and storage 
Access to the data from the data collector is controlled by Study Trondheim via the company CTL AS. The data collected via the SenseMaker® solution in this project is stored completely encrypted on servers located within the EU. SenseMaker®'s supplier, Cognitive Edge Inc., does not have access to use, disseminate or view the collected data. Exceptions apply in cases where technical support from the supplier is required, and in such cases the supplier is given access only for the stated purpose.

Offentlige tolkningsprosesser
The analyzes of the data material from the data collector will mainly take place through collective interpretation processes. The interpretation processes will take place in workshops with groups of students and other participants. The participants of the workshops will be guided together to work with the data material from the data collector. The purpose of this approach is to let the ones who say something about the meaning content and meaning of the data be those who are part of it and therefore knows the context.

The processes means that the data from the data collector must be understood as publicly available. The interpretation processes will under no circumstance make raw data available or give participants disposal rights.

The data collected will also be used for research purposes and will be passed on to parties with such purposes. The data will not be passed on to third parties with commercial interests related to the material.

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